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Tennis Elbow Treatment in Denton TX

When the simple act of extending your arm is painful, you need medical help. Improve your range of motion and your comfort through tennis elbow treatment at Premier Pain Care in Denton TX. What may seem like a big issue is routine treatment at our pain management clinic. Tennis elbow occurs when the muscles and tendons in your arm are overworked. This usually results from repetitive motions. Construction workers, painters, and the like are susceptible to this condition. While over-the-counter medicine may help, tennis elbow treatment in Denton TX eliminates the problem.

Denton TX Elbow Pain Treatment

Sometimes elbow pain goes away on its own, but when it doesn't, it's time to take action. Premier Pain Care in Denton TX provides elbow pain treatment that includes regenerative injection therapies, laser treatment, and ultrasound treatment. For instance, regenerative injection therapy reduces the inflammation so your arm can heal.

Turn to our highly skilled, knowledgeable, and friendly pain doctor to provide you with an accurate diagnosis. It's important to rule out any other conditions and nerve involvement first. This helps us determine the best type of elbow pain management for your case.

Elbow Arthritis Treatment in Denton TX

It is difficult to enjoy your day when your elbow hurts every time you move your arm. If you have elbow arthritis, sometimes standard treatments do not work. Enjoy effective elbow arthritis treatment in Denton TX by turning to Premier Pain Care for advanced medical solutions for your pain management needs.

While occupational therapy, glucosamine, and heat packs may work for some, we offer effective treatment that dramatically reduces or eliminates the pain. From nerve blocks to trigger point injections, we provide active ways to reduce pain and help you heal.

Denton TX Elbow Pain Management

Dr. Carlos J. Garcia has been in private practice as a pain management doctor since 1988. He provides advanced elbow pain management in Denton TX by using a variety of methods, including regenerative injection therapy. Best of all, he cares about his patients and wants to see them live a pain-free life again.

Contact Premier Pain Care for tennis elbow treatment in Denton TX when pain is starting to affect your job.
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