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Post-Surgical Pain Management in Denton TX

Going under the knife is not a pleasant prospect for anyone. Still, when you need surgery, we provide post-operative care that speeds up the healing process. In fact, we help to reverse the effects of disease and damage with post-surgical pain management at Premier Pain Care in Denton TX.

Stem Cell Injections in Denton TX

Turn back the clock on spine and joint disease or injuries. Through pain management stem cell injections in Denton TX, we have the potential to provide disease modification rather than back symptom pain management. The stem cells come from your own blood (platelets) or bone marrow (adult mesenchymal stem cells).

Oftentimes, we treat your condition with topical or transdermal anesthetics, local steroid injections, nerve blocks, and medications such as anti-epileptic drugs. Occasionally, more advance pain interventions are required. These procedures include:

 Radiofrequency Neurolysis
 Peripheral & Spinal Cord Stimulation
 Surgical Interventions
 Radiofrequency Neurolysis

 Percutaneous Vertebroplasty


Denton TX Interventional Pain Management

Premier Pain Care offers interventional pain medicine, which is a branch of medicine that concentrates on the research, evaluation, prevention, and treatment of pain disorders and diseases. Our interventional pain management experts in Denton TX use specific interventions to obtain accurate diagnoses and provide advanced treatment to patients suffering from all types of pain syndromes.

Post-Spinal Surgery in Denton TX

Recovering from surgery can take a few days to several months. In addition, it is sometimes a painful road to recovery. Our pain management doctor provides post-surgical pain management in Denton TX to ease your pain, accelerate your healing, and get you back on your feet again.

At Premier Pain Care in Denton TX, post-spinal surgery services are provided with your needs in mind. We care about you and your pain management concerns. Allow our caring and experienced doctor and our trained staff to help you heal. We make the recovery process smoothly by reducing your pain.

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